You are what you eat right?

Actually it is more like, you are what you can absorb. Proper absorption relies on our digestive system and gut flora. These two work together to digest and breakdown all the food and nutrients that you consume. When both are healthy and balanced, you thrive. Unfortunately, with our modern diets and medicines, we are throwing our gut flora out of balance. This creates havoc with our digestion and absorption, leading to a plethora of mental and physical health problems. In order to restore health, you have to restore the gut flora. A healthy gut flora holds the key to a healthy you!

In her book ‘Gut and Physiology Syndrome’ Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride shows you how you can restore the health of your gut flora with nutritious natural foods. An integral part of restoring your gut flora is the consumption of healthy fats and natural vitamins. Healthy fats are fats that are unprocessed and unrefined. Natural vitamins have no synthetic ingredients and are also minimally processed. Finding healthy fats and natural vitamins can be challenging because of the industrialization of modern foods.

Here at Green Pasture Products we are dedicated to using time-honored traditional methods to extract nutrient-rich oils, while holding ourselves to modern standards for safety and purity. Our cod liver oil is extracted using fermentation and butter oil using clabbered milk, concentrated through centrifugation. These methods are gentle and allow for the preservation of fragile nutrients that are often lost in industrial processing.

Our oils are all natural, which means that the precursors for vitamins A & D, and omega fatty acids, are still present in the oils. Not only are they present, but they also have the correct biochemical shapes allowing for better absorption. Because the biochemical shapes are correct the gut flora and digestive system are able to utilize the nutrients, restoring balance and health to both systems. The only way one can rebuild the gut flora and restore balance is by eating the right food. Make sure your food is building you up and not tearing you down!

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