Selene River Press is a publishing company that specializes in holistic nutrition education. Our philosophy is rooted in the work of Dr. Royal Lee, who devoted his career to warning society that most modern disease is caused by malnutrition, which in turn is caused by industrially grown, processed foods that are deficient in vitamins and nutrients.

A storehouse of holistic nutrition education for both holistic practitioners and their patients, SRP provides not only contemporary resources but also nutrition research from the early 20th century—a time when vitamins were first being discovered and the association between good food and good health was first being proven.

At the SRP Historical Archives, you will find hundreds of free, groundbreaking articles by Dr. Lee and his contemporaries. The Historical Archives feature some of the original research on trophotherapy, or the science of healing by applied nutrition.

We continue Dr. Lee’s work by publishing easy-to-understand nutrition information for practitioners, patients, self-healthers, and all those who want to take their health into their own hands by applying real food to real health problems.

This is exactly what Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride does in her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome. Many of our publications support the healing that Dr. Campbell-McBride champions in the GAPS diet.

Here are just a few of the resources from SRP that help readers understand why whole food nutrition matters and how traditional cooking techniques help bring nutritious food into the kitchen:

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! Learn where to find real food and how to prepare it with this guide to healthy food shopping from Stephanie Selene Anderson.

Trophia: Simple Steps to Everyday Self-Health. Paula Widish shares the simple steps that you and your family can take to live and feel better.

Cooking Techniques for the GAPS Diet, Part II: Culturing Dairy by Monica Corrado and Udderly Cultured by Phyllis Quinn. Both of these offerings will help you discover the health benefits of raw milk vs. pasteurized milk and how to turn that fresh milk into cultured dairy products such as yogurt, kefir, and crème fraiche.

Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation: Two well-regarded books full of lacto-fermentation information from author Sandor Katz. Cooking Techniques for the GAPS Diet, Part III: Lacto-Fermentation: An informational powerhouse on gut-healthy lacto-ferments from Monica Corrado.

And finally, don’t forget Monica’s latest, The Complete Cooking Techniques for the GAPS Diet from Selene River Press. The product of years of research and real-world experience, this compendium features all four volumes of Monica’s original Cooking Techniques series, plus plenty of new material. All told, it is one of the most comprehensive works on the GAPS diet available to date, .

Here is just some of the important new material Monica covers for the first time in these pages:

What elevates the GAPS diet to a healing protocol.

Detailed sections on the three phases of the GAPS diet—the Intro, Full GAPS, and the final Transition diet.

Recommended supplements.

The foundational principles of the optimal human diet.

In-depth and indispensable , The Complete Cooking Techniques for the GAPS Diet is currently being used to train Certified GAPS Practitioners (CGPs) and Certified GAPS Coaches (CGCs).

We invite you to visit Selene River Press and discover all that we have to offer on your healing journey.