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Meme Grant CGP, FNTP

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Combining GAPS and Keto to Fight Cancer

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I was born with health issues which multiplied as I got older, the short list being; asthma, metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes), (both cured by diet when I was young), arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, skin issues, poor immune system, flu every month, bronchitis and pneumonia the unlucky 13 times. 2 of those chemical pneumonia.

Poisoned and nearly killed by a boat in the middle of the Atlantic destroyed what little health I had. My breakthrough came when a friend referred me to a blood test that detected food intolerances and changed my life. All my favourite foods went out of the window overnight. I had the option, go into a decline, or have fun inventing recipes for and learning to enjoy the foods I could. I took the latter. I was astounded when my arthritis disappeared, along with all the other health challenges vanished. My interest in nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits began at this stage, but it wasn’t until later that I was forced to learn the true power of diet and lifestyle.

In 2010 my husband’s diagnosis was about to change our sailing lives forever. The dermatologist told him he had stage 4 Amelanotic Nodular Melanoma. The options didn’t look good, The medical world did not have much for Melanoma. We decided to try diet and lifestyle as a way of healing, it had worked for me, why not him?

I qualified as a nutritio nist and a GAPS practitioner, after seeing how the GAPS protocol turned lives around. I studied everything I could find on cancer in the natural medicine field. Diet and lifestyle changes we could do without breaking the bank. To our immense surprise - it worked! Mike has now been tumour-free for over 7 years! In sailing if you give up, you die. Cancer is the same, keep trying until you find what works. We fought for life, we learned, we searched for solutions everywhere, and, most importantly, we eventually succeeded.

Cancer has deprived me of my loved ones, my mother, many friends and my brother has lymphoma. I know the pain and suffering caused by this dread disease to the person and their family I now am driven to help others survive what many believe is a death sentence. We have experienced first-hand how powerful diet and lifestyle changes can be when treating disease. Let me guide you with a health plan for your cancer walk.

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