At Green Pasture Products, we offer pure food nutrition to complement your daily diet. Working together, we help cover your family’s nutritional gaps and provide a boost to your health so your family can thrive.

Green Pasture Products strives to maintain an unwavering commitment to you, our customers, in providing high quality, nutrient dense products. This devotion to quality means that we source the best raw materials available, maintain impeccable manufacturing practices, proudly display Marine Stewardship Council certification for our fermented cod liver oil, and package our products in trusted nutraceutical facilities.

At Selene River Press, our goal is to support the public in applying holistic nutrition to their daily lives. For health practitioners, that means educational and training materials in the art and science of nutrition therapeutics. And for patients, it means a wide selection of books and media that support a self-health approach to diet and lifestyle.

SRP has been the leader in holistic nutrition education for over 30 years. Helping readers get beyond fads and miracle diets, we battle misinformation with nutrition’s original principles, as revealed by the field’s first pioneering researchers.


Nourishing Plot and GAPS Protocol Help are education filled sites with one goal - to help people navigate their GAPS journey. When we're on GAPS, the body speaks to us, telling us what to do. If we support the body in the ways that it asks, we support the body and it can repair itself. If we miss these cues, we could spend many years spinning our wheels. From compliant supplements, how to make ferments, and extensive information on the protocol, we're here for you!

Illuminating the connection between food and well-being for nearly two decades. Everything we do is to help people "be well" through the power of simple things, like food.

Believing that each and every body is gifted with innate intelligence and will come to balance when given the nourishment it needs.

Inspiring people back into the kitchen. Teaching the Why- why we do what we do, why the sourcing and the cooking is important- as well as the How- the traditional cooking techniques made simple. Providing tools, education and knowledge: Cooking for Well-Being classes and training based on the principles of Dr. Weston A. Price and the Gut and Psychology Syndrome™ (GAPS) Diet, books, charts, online courses, articles, consultations and speaking engagements, so we can all simply be well.

Mt. Capra is a fifth-generation family farm that has been rooted in the Pacific Northwest since 1928. Our regenerative approach to agriculture and nutrition guarantees that every living organism, from soil to people, is able to thrive.

Every drop of milk we produce is transported 9 miles down the road to our very own processing facility where it is gently transformed into nutritious and wholesome goat milk products. We offer many health supporting products, like: goat whey protein, goat milk ghee, goat colostrum, and more! All designed to empower you to heal, strengthen, and restore your health. Stop by our website and see the farm!